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Camellia Village Clubhouse Living Room

Procedure for Reserving Camellia Village Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is available for meetings and group functions, such as crafts, table games, committee meetings,
or Association social gatherings, etc., and private parties hosted by the homeowners/tenants. If possible, such functions and any other use of the Clubhouse should be scheduled 30 days in advance as follows:


  1. Check the calendar either online (online Reservations Calendar) or the Clubhouse Bulletin Board for availability.
  2. If date and time desired are free, write in your name and time to be reserved on the Clubhouse calendar.
  3. Complete a Camellia Village Clubhouse Reservation Form, found either online (online Clubhouse Reservation Form) or in the third drawer of the brown cabinet located in the lobby, and submit to a Board Member for approval.
  4. Once approval is received in writing, plan your event, have a great time, and enjoy the facilities.
  5. To cancel a reservation, erase the date or make note on the paper calendar the cancellation, and notify Marcy Hall so the date(s) can be removed from the online Reservations Calendar.